Basic Information

NAME: Cristopher Celestina

GENRE: House, Latin, Regeaton, Hits, Urban & More…


Cristopher Celestina is that rare thing in todays house music: a DJ who spins for the people, an artist who understands beats, melodies and the rhythm, and works with everything from salsa to house to rap. This must be less than surprising considering Celestina has been DJ’ing since the age of 14 and has had a zealous passion for music since toddler years. He continues to expand and aspires to grow to a global level. 2011 has been a phenomenal year for him and demonstrates both his capability as well as potential to fulfill his aspirations. Filling up slots at some of the islands finest and biggest clubs/event locations such as: Mambo, Bermuda, Cinco, Villa Maria, Cartouch is constantly on another job as well as creating events. With some hit parties on Curaçao such as “The Last” and others, he is proven to be a key factor spinning for parties as well as organizing them. This is not the last you’ve heard, as a matter of fact: it’s only the beginning.

Contact Info:

+599 95246381 Mobile

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